Steps to Create Fund ( Fund Manager)

Note: Those who wish to participate in the competition must make a minimum deposit of $100 for trading and hold a minimum of 3,000 NEFI tokens.

In order to start, you must first login to the wallet and then go to the website.

1. Select The fund management menu to create a Pool.

2. Pool Name is the name that will be shown to the investors.

3. Introduction of yourself or your trading guidelines.

4. Choose the amount of token that will be accepted when investors want to join the Pool.

5. Select the profit sharing % of Master and Referral, both combined must not exceed 50%.

6. Connect your social media by insert links.

7. Click “Create Fund” to confirm the pool creation

To start, login to your wallet, then go to

1. Select the fund management menu to create a pool.

2. Select Create new pool.

  1. Contestants must have deposit a minimum of 100$ into the Pool for trading and held at least 3000 NEFI token to create a Pool, according to the competition requirement to open Master Pool Funding. Follow the link to purchase NEFI tokens.

  2. Set the Pool name (name that will be shown to other investors)

  3. Introduce yourself and your trading strategies.

  4. Select the main token that be will use to trade in the pool

  5. Set Master and Referral's profit share percentage, the combination of both slots cannot exceed 50%.

  6. Insert a link to connect your social media accounts.

  7. Click “Create Fund” to confirm the Pool creation.

  8. Check the GAS value, if it exceeds 0.02XXX, it indicates a system error, contact NeteFi support.

  9. Click “Confirm”. This is the fee for pool creation.

  1. Click “Activate Pool” to prepare the Pool creation requirements.

  1. Enter the amount you want to use in trading, minimum $100.

  2. Click “Approved” to confirm the pool creation.

  3. Click “Confirm” to accept the fee.

To add money to the Pool, click “Deposit”

1. Select the Fund Management menu, you will see the Pool created with the current balance.

2. Click on the arrow for trading.

  1. The “Activated” sign should be shown in green indicates that the pool is ready for trading.

  2. To edit personal information.

  3. Investment Terms and Conditions

  4. Token Held.

  5. Transaction information

  6. To start trading, click "Go Trading."

  1. Select the token to swap.

  2. Select the destination token to swap.

  3. Enter the number of token you wish to swap.

  4. Check swap information

  5. Click Swap.

For Sharing profit and get fund from Pending invest wallet Click "Calculate Profits" ( Swap all of asset in pool to be BUSD or USDT that pool first setting )

- Profit Sharing from the fund performance. If there is profit, the system will calculate and share the dividend to investors and transfer Profit Sharing to Master and Referral.

- The pending fund (money from investors that is waiting to enter the Pool) will be transferred to the Pool for the next trade.

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