Decentralized Auto BOT Trading

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The world's first Cryptocurrency Auto Bot Trading in Decentralized Finance. Trade crypto on Blockchain which is safe with no intermediaries via smart contract. Auto BOT allowing you to trade and invest in a variety of crypto trading strategies where investors could select according to their risk management. In the function, investors can create own setting and back testing your setting strategy over a previous period to see the performance statistics before applying in the real trade.

Investors can easily invest with BOT according to the preferred trading strategies includes:

1. Rebalance Auto BOT

The most recognized “Portfolio Management Strategy” in the world which helps assist you in trading, buying, and selling assets while collecting assets with the lowest risk that could bring the long- term return on investments.

2. Auto Grid BOT

A trading strategy that could make a lot of profits by continuously placing buy and sell orders at set intervals around a set price. When the total profit reaches the percentage that we set, it will automatically clear all the orders to make profit. This strategy is very suitable for Cryptocurrency Trading since the market has high volatility so it is possible to make a stable profit.

3. Scalping Auto BOT

A short trading strategy that will not hold orders for a long time. If the loss is determined, the system will immediately cut loss. Focus on the high win rate, suitable for investors who do not want to hold orders for a long time or buy and stuck on the top of the hill. It is suitable for earning a short profit and keep repeat the trading round for all market conditions including uptrend, downtrend and sideway.

In the near future, we are continuously developed other trading strategies such as trading signals from indicators and trade according to Fibonacci.

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