Rebalancing Fund

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Rebalancing Pool

A Mutual fund that applies a “Rebalancing” technique in Crypto Asset management which is commonly used by global mutual funds to rebalance their portfolios. The purpose is to minimize losses when the price is falling, buy at the lowest price and sell at the most profitable price when the price is rising. In pool rebalancing, Investors do not have to trade by themselves and earn profit from Netefi Governance Token.

Why Rebalancing a Pool?

The above picture shown the normal trading based on April 12, 2021 – September 6, 2021 by holding BTC or deposit in Farming or Staking, investor bought BTC at the highest price at 64,704$. Then the price has dropped down to 29,162$ or about 54%, as the time past, the price has reversed and investor decide to sell BTC at 52,813$ on September 6, 2021.

In case of normal holding, the result of this trading is a loss of 18.21%, however...... If applying the Rebalance system, there will be a profit of 1.07%. With the Rebalance system, the highest loss from the price falling to 29,162$ is only 25% since when the price keeps falling, the system will automatically buy at low price. As a result, there will be more BTC and the average price will be lower.

In summary,

The Rebalance system could help investors minimize loss and maximize profits in the trading. NeteFi's Pool Rebalance system also provides reward as a Governance Token similar to farming. One question is that Would it be better?? If the Token is placed in the Pool and apply the Rebalancing trading system which helps to generate more profit and reduce the chance of loss at the same time.

NeteFi also provide other pool strategies, such as Scalping Pool, which is a swap trade, a short-term trading, immediately cut loss according to the system, no need to hold order for too long. This strategy focus on trading from statistics and analyst the trend using indicators with high win rates, etc.

Arbitrage Pool, a strategy that will make good profit from the price difference in Defi as each pool has different prices. This allows us to do the Arbitrage by exchanging the same asset from different market and gains from the price difference.

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