For User

For User

Benefits :

1.Certain percentage of profit made from the pool funding will be deducted and shared to the fund manager according to the condition set.

** Profit calculation for investors will be calculated from the initial funds that they placed into the pool when they earn profit only.

For example: The initial fund is 1,000 BUSD, then the fund manager made a loss of 10% = the remaining is 900 BUSD. Every round of profit calculation, no matter how many rounds, the system will only calculate the profit sharing for the fund manager when the investors' funds exceed the initial funds.

2.Fund managers can be selected according to the desired performance in the Pool Funding menu.


Step :

  1. Select the desired Pool Funding.

  2. Connect the wallet

  3. Deposit money into selected Pool Funding

** If the Pool Funding status is “Trading”, the funds status will be “Pending“, meaning that the funds have not been placed into the pool funding until the fund manager has done the process of “profit calculation” in order to start a new trading cycle. Your funds will automatically transfer into the Pool. During this time, you can communicate with the Fund manager via social media channels or click “cancel” to exit the pool at any time.

4. Track your port status at the “Portfolio” menu

Fund Management Functions:

4.1 Deposit: To place additional funds into the previous pool that has already been invested.

4.2 Setting: To set up whether to withdraw profits every round that the Fund manager calculates profits or to “Refund” compound profits into the previous investment pool.

4.3 Withdrawn: To withdraw funds from the Pool Funding.

4.4 Emergency Exit: To immediately withdraw funds from the pool funding before the fund manager ends the trading round.

The system will immediately process your withdrawal order, no matter what coin the fund manager held, the system will calculate the profit/loss at that time and auto swap back to the original token. A processing fee of 1% will be deducted from the net amount.

4.5 If the user has already invested and lost, the system will not calculate Profit sharing to the Fund manager and Referral until the total capital is greater than the initial capital that the users invested.

For example: User A invests 10000$

1.Fund Manager trades with a loss of 10%.

2.Fund Manager Click “Calculate Profits” to accept the funds that are still pending.

3.User A net capital balance 9000$

4.New round Fund manager trade and earn 5% profit and Click “Calculate Profits”

5.Currently, User A will have a total capital of 9500$

6.The system will not calculate the Profit Sharing since the initial capital that User A invests is 10000$

** The system will calculate Profit sharing only when User A has a profit that is more than the initial capital of 10000$ or more.

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