Farming Fund Management

Pool Farming management

A mutual fund system that manages by experts who are specialized in farming in various pools and coins for investors without having to trade themselves.

When Investors farming and the Impermanent Loss occurs, meaning that the asset that we farm has decreased in price, causing a loss. In Defi, there are a lot of farming pairs so in pool farming management experts will analyze the uptrends and downtrends of the coins and do the farming which make the most profit.

The system runs through Smart contracts, all deposits are placed in a central contract that can be verified by anyone. Investors can deposit - withdraw their own funds at any time without condition.

Pool Farming management is free for everyone. Anyone can open their own pool farm, create performance in the system and show ranking on the dashboard. Investors can choose to invest in any pool. Pool manager can set the profit share collecting from 1-50%.

In addition, not only having experts to farm and earn profits from pool farming. Investors also get additional rewards from Netefi’s Governance Tokens which can be used to invest in any pool funding or farming.

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