For Fund manager

Benefits :

1.Trading Fee (Swap) : 0.06% per transaction

For example, Pool Funding has 1,000,000 BUSD Swap to BTC.

= 1,000,000 x 0.06% = 600$ Fee for the fund manager

And Swap BTC back to BUSD = 600$

For this case, the total trading fee that fund manager receive will be 1,000$

2.Profit Sharing: 10-50% depending on the fund manager setting (calculate from the total profit made in the Pool)

For example, Pool Funding has 1,000,000 BUSD Swap to BTC.

BTC price grown up by 10% > Swap back to BUSD = 1,100,000 BUSD

= 100,000 BUSD x 20% (for example,Profit Sharing = 20%)

= 20,000 BUSD For Fund manager

** This amount is excluding the profit sharing to referrals set by fund manager plus 3% system fee that further will be deducted** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Step :

1.Create Pool

  • Fill in the informations listed below:

  • Profit Sharing fee from 10-50%

  • percentage allocated to referrals

For example, profit share of 30%, Share to Referral 10% so Fund manager receives 20%

  • Minimum deposit amount

  • Types of coins accept

  • Personal information of Fund Manager such as Twitter, Telegram, facebook

2.Fund manager deposit money into the Pool (deposit according to the minimum deposit set in the condition)

3.Start trading in the Trading Terminal menu.

** Every Swap Trading, the Fund manager must pay the gas fee by himself, therefore, should leave some funds in the wallet that is connected to the system when creating the Pool.

4.Click “Calculate Profit”, the system will calculate profit for investors and deduct Profit sharing for fund manager and referrals.

** If new investors deposit money while the Fund manager is trading, status is pending, the fund will not be transferred to the pool.

** The system will transfer new funds into the Pool when the Fund manager is done with the process of “Calculate Profit” and starts a new round.

5.If the user has already invested and lost, the system will not calculate Profit sharing to the Fund manager and Referral until the total capital is greater than the initial capital.

For example user A invests 10000$

Fund Manager trades with a loss of 10%.

Fund Manager Click “Calculate Profits” to accept the funds that are still pending.

User A net capital balance 9000$

For New round, the Fund manager trade and earn 5% profit and Click “Calculate Profits”

Currently, User A will have a total capital of 9500$

The system will not calculate the Profit Sharing since the initial capital that User A invests is 10000$

** The system will calculate Profit sharing only when User A has a profit that is more than the initial capital of 10000$ or more.

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