Netefi Network (NEFI TOKEN) Network of Decentralized Finance Doc. Version 2

Netefi Network is a fintech company running on the Blockchain and Coding networks through smart contracts responding to transaction transparency as happens immediately, without any intermediaries involved in between user’s activities.

A network platform that connects all users in the world of decentralized finance with the investment specialists who are experts in investing in various forms of Defi to create a community in a form of smart contract. The rapid expansion of the community will arise through the Referral Program

We believed that our platform services will satisfied all the demand for Fund Management in DEFI where fund manager, investors and referral shared the mutual benefits and Earn more profits by GOV token when user interract in services

Products V.1:

- Decentralized Fund Management

> Trading Fund management https://app.netefi.com/ available in Mainnet

In the Decentralized Finance market, there are less than 20% of the experts who are able to invest and make profit from the current market conditions. Huge number of trader or Investors make little profit or even losses since it requires expertise and knowledge in order to invest in Defi or even Crypto.

Our vision is to provide trading specialists in crypto and Defi markets to explode their strategies and enables to generate profit for other investors around the world through Smart Contract in return for 10 up to 50% profit sharing plus on Swap Trading Fee.

> Farming Fund management https://pool-farm.netefi.com/ available in Testnet

Fund management are funds from many users that are aggregated in the purposes of investment. Each pool will be professionally managed by fund managers to invest and earn from trading, farming, and lending in the Defi. The system allows user to manage their own risks by choosing to invest with any fund manager from around the world who attracts your preference from their portfolio. Furthermore, users can also communicate directly with fund manager’s community and get updated with the investment status real-time without missing any movement of the funds. Anyone can be the pool funding manager just need to have money in your crypto wallet to connect you to the certain pool funding that you select to invest with through a smart contract.

- Rebalancing Pool Fund http://bot-beta.netefi.com/pools/ available in Mainnet and Testnet The Rebalance system could help investors minimize loss and maximize profits in the trading. NeteFi's Pool Rebalance system also provides reward as a Governance Token similar to farming. One question is that Would it be better?? If the Token is placed in the Pool and apply the Rebalancing trading system which helps to generate more profit and reduce the chance of loss at the same time.

- Decentralized Auto BOT https://bot-dev.netefi.com/ available in Mainnet and Testnet The world's first Cryptocurrency Auto Bot Trading in Decentralized Finance. Trade crypto on Blockchain which is safe with no intermediaries via smart contract. Auto BOT allowing you to trade and invest in a variety of crypto trading strategies where investors could select according to their risk management. In the function, investors can create own setting and back testing your setting strategy over a previous period to see the performance statistics before applying in the real trade.

- Cross - Chain and Terminal DEX In Lab

- Pool Staking Revenue Share available for launch

Pool Staking $NEF Token Shareholder Pool NeteFi aims NEFI token (Governance Token) to be like an asset similar to stock so we develop a pool staking function where investors hold our coins and place it in the pool in return for income earned from the service fee of NeteFi platform. The average of 30-40 percent of total income will be paid to the NEFI holder. The demand for NEFI Token holds will continuously grow according to the growth of the platform and there will be no panic selloff since the pool stake brings the revenue that is generated from the platform to pay in other coins, such as BTC, BNB. Furthermore, the Referral Program where everyone can refer friends to invest in the Pool Stake and get return from the total profits that all referred friends receive.

- Referral Program available for launch

Invite friends to our platform to Earn rewards token form ; Trading Fund management , Farming Fund management , Rebalancing Fund

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